CMX provides products which connect digital content owners (music, video, tv, books, games) with retailers and support the interconnectivity between digital and physical retail. CMX offers a new way to connect and upload content, managing it and offering it on a single platform, with supporting tools for contract management, pricing and real-time reporting.

CMX offers both content owners and retailers a wide variety of real-time control and reporting tools to support impact-decision making. Content owners become their own administrator for digital business. Retailers gain low set-up costs to access content and flexibility to change their offering to end-customers.

CMX allows content owners to take control of their assets and:

- decide which assets (e.g. music tracks, video) should be offered to which retailers and end-customers;

- control prices on a real-time basis to different regions, end-customers and in respect of offerings;

- receive detailed, real-time usage reporting.

CMX supports retailers with new business model opportunities using flexible, not static, products, which offer the right digital assets to the right customers with low costs of integration into existing on-line systems.


CMX empowers content owners and retailers to select the right content at the right time for their customers, not just any content. Through flexible price management and real-time reporting, we enable retailers to manage customers in different ways and provide new ways of selecting content and assets at the right price level for their customers - the products customers did not know existed but are really pleased when they find them.

CMX’s Allexis platform provides a market-tested, secure, fully auditable solution, which aligns the interests of content owners and retailers, all managed through a suite of desktop dashboard tools.


The platform deals with all aspects of content ingestion, storage, hosting, pricing and distribution from content owner to retailer and delivery to consumer.


A menu of embeddable widgets, white label webstores and API tools provide retailers with the building blocks for infinitely customisable storefront solutions.


A desktop dashboard allows direct control over content usage, pricing, campaign management and product availability for both content owners and retailers.


Intuitive, customisable reporting tools allow real-time sales analysis for both content owners and retailers.


Our delivery team has in excess of 100 man-years experience delivering digital solutions to major blue chip organisations and the digital retail industry.


High-end service-oriented solutions, people who focus on best-practice and new ways of mastering technology to deliver profitable customer solutions 365 days in the year.


Criteria Media Exchange GmbH
Josef Mayburger Kai 114
A-5020 Salzburg

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